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Frequently Asked Questions

Our foundation does not require reports on the use of the grant. The grant payer, i.e. the foundation, reports the names of the grant recipients to Mela ( in accordance with the law.
The foundation's board decides on the grants at its meeting, which is held at the turn of May and June of the current year. The grant recipients are announced on the foundation's website by mid-June. In addition, the grant recipients are informed personally.
The grant application must be made in Finnish and is not available in English.
We recommend that all members of the working group be named. However, we understand that this is not always possible, so you can also apply for a grant for unnamed members of the working group. In that case, the application should be written, for example, violinist NN, lighting designer NN.
Yes. Grants can also be applied for by artists working abroad. Grants can also be paid to bank accounts other than Finnish ones. However, the members of the working group or the subject must have some connection to Finland.
Yes, if they live in Finland or the work done with the grant has a clear connection to Finland or affects Finland.
The work samples can also be compiled on your own website and a link to your website can be included in the application. In this case, a work sample attachment may not be necessary. A work sample folder or portfolio refers to a sample folder that describes the applicant's skills in the field of art and gives an image of the person as an artist. The portfolio is a sample and proof of the applicant's expression, artistic thinking quality, skills and special skills. NOTE that your links are open, i.e. the content is visible without authentication. Include only the work samples relevant to the application, not everything possible.
Work samples can be attached to the application as PDF files. The maximum file size is 3MB. Attachments are only accepted through the application service. You can also provide a web address, e.g., to your work sample folder/portfolio/streaming service and the address of your website. NOTE that your links are open, i.e., the content is visible without authentication.
Create a new user.
If you want to delete your user account and all related information from the system, please contact Note that all application information will be deleted from the system six months after the application is submitted.
Your username will be the email address you provide, for which you create a password. You will need the credentials to edit and submit your application. If you have forgotten your password, you can order a password reset link to your email.
Unfortunately, we do not justify individual grant decisions. The foundation receives many good applications annually, for which grants cannot be granted.
Applications for visual arts are typically the most common. Therefore, if you are considering whether your project belongs to the field of visual arts or design, you may want to consider applying specifically for a grant in the field of design. However, all applications are processed and evaluated regardless of the grant applied for.
Applications for textile art grants fall under the category of design.
Send a request to cancel the application to Include the details of the application to be canceled in the message: name, surname, and field of art. In order for us to verify the applicant to the correct application, the request must be sent from the same email address you registered as an applicant.